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powder day!

“I might scream whoo hoo.”….gotta high five my girl friend for that sentiment!  It came from the simplest pleasure–fresh snow and the ability to play in it!

In that moment, a stretch of white snow, free from tracks and the glimmer of the day’s sun made us giddy.  If there is a perfect, it visited us out there on the hill.

Never mind the burning legs, too tight boots or weird contortion moves on the t-bar –it didn’t matter.  We were  there to play.

What makes you want to scream whoo hoo? Sand in your toes, icy cold water on a hot summers day, a muddy trail ride, a crazy roller coaster or just wind whipping in your hair?

On the eve of a new year I am resolving to do it more!  Resolve t0 be light or get deep, you have before you a fresh start…it is your year to make tracks. But if you can,  find it in you to scream whoo hoo…..

Best wishes for a happy new year.

friend love

my best friend lives in Hawaii. i do not. we are 4300km apart.  i don’t get to see her as often as i like but when i do it feels like i saw her only yesterday.

she is like a favourite pair of jeans, warm maple syrup on a pancakes, the first sip of morning coffee and the love of a pair of shoes all wrapped in one.  when i met her she was sporting white levis, keds and a navy t…she was shy and gorgeous.  still is!

no matter how far apart, she feels near when i hear her voice, read a text or simply remember.  any prince song from purple rain can evoke flashbacks of college hangovers, skipped class and boy crushes.  we are not the same, yet we are not as different as we maybe used to be.

the stories and the adventures… well $3 tanks of gas don’t get you as far as they used to… but whether broke or broken hearted the moments, memories and milestones got us here.

standing in my hallway downstairs i looked up and felt like she had been there every day. conversation flows and sometimes the best part of her visits are our morning coffee in pj’s. we don’t even talk we just are.

friend love. it can’t be measured or rated, it runs as deep as the ocean.

i can’t erase those 4300km … although many times i want to. but i’m hanging tight to the kind of friendship where space and places don’t really matter.

friends, hold them tight.

the eve..

it is Christmas eve, i am so far from calm, cool and collected.

i’ve shopped, wrapped and planned yet I am still unorganzied.  that’s ok thought because i am not drowning in chaos just dipping my toes.

i’m under no illusion that just because it is a holiday,  perfect is going to appear.  i subscribe to the notion that perfect is overrated. i’m siding with this thought.

No one is perfect… that’s why pencils have erasers.” Author Unknown

i will be out there with the harried masses getting my last gift sorted ( its for my husband)why is it last minute? i know him the best, so why is it so tough to get his present? clearly one of my many failings.  oops!

so i am going to dig deep and vow to enjoy:

  • standing in a long line
  • the silliness of the parking lot
  • rude people (feel for them because they are not happy)
  • cleaning my house for company
  • the grocery store shop (because I forgot more than a few things)

if i enjoy this, i can’t be stressed out.

embrace the silliness of Christmas and ignore the rudeness, people who forget to drive and the invevitable line-up. you may put yourself out there in the craziness but only you control how you react to it.

smile and enjoy. good luck out there.

merry christmas

the amazingness of an ordinary day!

a great day can’t be beat. close your eyes and remember it. i bet you are smiling.

i’ve had more than a few days that can’t be beat.  today transformed itself from 4 days before Christmas, with too long of a list of things to do, to an amazing day.  after my coffee things were humming along not terribly not terrifically.  the days plans were unfolding rather loosely until the sun shifted slightly and lit up my living room. the frost on the patio glistened, the sun shimmered, the tree twinkled it’s lights and winked at me.  if the walls could talk they would have been shouting “get outside.”

so, the practical to do list was tossed aside, the tentative ‘meet for coffee’ was cancelled, sandwiches and snacks were packed and with 25 minutes we were out the door heading up, up, up….the magical bean stock, to the eye in the sky, the north pole? perhaps.  we headed up to Mt. Seymour, our local mountain minutes away–the snow was white and sparkly and shiny, happy people were abound.

it was not perfect, but it was awesome. the parking lot was slippery, the first helmet was too small, there were a few undecided moments–a steep hill, sliding skis, the first fall but… we were skiing, nothing crazy,  just sheer fun ‘whoo-hooing’ our way down the mountain (or at least 200 meters down the bunny hill) to the magic carpet.

tally for the day:

  • icy trek on parking lot treachery
  • ski jacket bonanza of finds – 1 tube of chap-stick, $20 bucks, lost bankcard
  • amazing factor-  the magic carpet and the orange helmet
  • kindness- the staff and mom who let me skip in front of line with Jack so we avoided a little hill trek
  • coolness – the 20 year old kid parked beside us in the jacked up Toyota who walked over to give me a hand and randomly chatted to us
  • the singing of ‘whoo-hoo’ every time we went down the hill and the “i’m skiing”

i’m still smiling…

every day is a new one, i’m not pushing for perfect i just want to sprinkle some amazing in there.


“Treat” your body right

‘Tis the season to run around.  Visiting people, picking up presents, cramming the last bit of work in before a holiday (or worse) you have no real holidays. But you are out there and life  is happening.

The big question, are you being kind to your body?

I attempted to do it all this morning, woke up, got out the door with my son and our dog and hit the trails.  The plan, squeak in a run/hike/bike before an early afternoon Christmas party. We went for it, embracing the sunshine, sliding on the icy road before hitting the trails where we went flying through the muck!  Awesome.

Back to the car –mud on our shoes and smiles on our faces.  Put the package in the car–aka Jack, banged the mud out of his shoes, shook his pants off and pulled out his snacks and water bottle.

Me….covered in mud, sweaty,  and snack-less. hmm,  not sure how this happens?  It seems I’ve mastered the art of feeding my child but  haven’t quite got the knack of packing a snack for me too.  No problem,  I’ll grab a post run snack at home BUT 35 minutes after rushing out the door my stomach is growling and I am sipping a glass of water and 3 plates of cookies are staring back at me.  Don’t get me wrong I like a good treat every now but this is not the way to ‘treat’ my body post run.  Sheepishly, I ask the hostess for a banana which she graciously provided.  So with a little snack in hand I avoided the cookies,  tricked my body,  and limped by on a little potassium.

Sometimes we get caught up in getting from A to B and C and forget about the ME.  So this season think about yourself and pack in some good nutrition–a few almonds, an apple or banana with a got to snack and remember you need to make time to eat.  We only get one body, let’s treat it right!

Got any go to ideas for good snacks that treat your body right?

Conversing with ourselves…

i talk to myself more than a bit.  i think in words–often i ask and answer my own questions, recite directions,  or ramble off things I need to do.  my most constructive of chats are my class lectures which unfold in my car during a good chat with me, myself and i.

the last few days i’ve listened to my 3-year-old son chat very intently with himself and his friends–Spiderman, Buzz lightyear and several of his cars.  i enjoy his conversations they are awesome. his imagination incredible!   i suspect little children chatting with themselves brings more of a smile to observers than perhaps my chats.  more often than not I see worried look of confusion on the faces of those who happen to hear me.  why is that?

when we were kids so many things were awesome.  we could have a little buddha belly and it was loved, we ran, jumped, hopped and skipped for the joy of it! we ate milk and cookies and it was the best treat ever. mittens that made our hands toasty warm were the coolest thing every, a cape made us superman or superwoman and we shared and played with everyone.  in adulthood much of this awe is replaced by the sucking in of our belly, grinding it out in the gym, watching those cookie calories add up and whoops we gotta watch the lactose intolerance thing. but a good cape coat and a wicked pair of boots can still bring out the superwoman in me.

i’m working to embrace my inner kid a bit more. so i am going to keep talking to myself.  i like my conversations, they are pathway to my brain where my words and thoughts come crashing together and align…perhaps my imagination will be kickstarted.

anyone else asking and answering your own questions? go for it, be kid like.

next stop, jumping for joy.

Checking out

the grocery store and i have an interesting relationship.  when i have a list i can relax and enjoy. without a list i am lost–aimlessly dropping things in my cart  hoping a meal or two will magically drift together.  it is a bit silly because i’ve been shopping and feeding myself for 20 years+.  i would have thought i would have mastered it by now, but  sadly no.

what i have mastered is the speed shop (list in hand). i am a Rock Star shopper whipping through the aisles and weaving between other carts.  it is smooth sailing until the checkout, this is where it all falls apart.  who do i choose?   the high school kid, the empty nester returning to the fray, or the chatty guy –it was always a gamble until the SELF-CHECKOUT appeared.    i rarely encounter a line here, and if i do there are at least four queues. the odds are in my favour.  i show up, drop my basket and scan. it is the ultimate multitask — the check-out and i are symbiotic.

but not today.  i am under the weather, i don’t have the super shop in me. i have a list and a plan but i am meandering through the aisles.  efficient but definitely not quick.  finished i roll up to the checkout and pause…literally…the self-checkout beckons but i hesitate. i look left and right and as my buggy inches towards the far end i do a 180 and head for the manned till. the high school guy–not so chatty, not super quick but today he is my speed.  i hand over my green bags, stand back and relax.  the red lights bleep and sing a song for him, not me.  i am checked out.

i found 4 mins of stillness standing in a grocery store.  who knew?

Inherent kindness

kindness. it is so easily given, so easy to spread.

opening the door for the person behind you,
holding the elevator 1 second longer for the next person…
there are endless moments that happen daily.

today i am minding my girlfriend’s daughter
while she attends a funeral.  my act of kindness for the day?
perhaps it may seem so, but on the other hand i am witnessing
the most amazing kindness. inherent kindness.

it may be the season to give but lets give something that taps into a
different bank–our emotional one.

kindness, it costs nothing to give.

running faster but slowing down

running. it seems simple enough, it’s just like walking but faster.   it’s rushing forward …
but for me, running means slowing down.  an unlikely paradox?

lacing up my shoes, plugging in my iPod and whistling for  Jasper puts me at ease.  i hear the hum of music but it is quiet, a stillness envelopes me —  i am breathing,  the trees loom and i can feel my footsteps pushing me along.  i am taller and stronger and i can think through my day, my week, until all the pieces clinking around snap together. i have a plan. i drift. i find my rhythm. i enjoy.

left, right, up and to the side around the roots, through the puddles across a bridge….i am breathing and it’s easier than yesterday.  how did i get here in this moment? running has not always been my bliss. more often it is hard work and something i dread. as the years went by and my time became more limited, i embraced the immediacy of a run. anywhere, anytime, any city, any weather…i can run.

my pace picks up and my breathing shallows, my feet move faster but i slow down.

it may not be running, it might be singing in the shower,  drinking your coffee in the cafe, taking a simple walk outside but you mostly likely have that one ‘thing’ that makes you slow down.

remember it is there. find it. feed it and give yourself some time to slow down.

December Sunshine

It is cold and icy with brilliant sunshine and it is December.  The close of the year, so make it count.

Get out of the malls and into the sunshine. Spend time, not money on friends and family.   I like to take one holiday at a time and savour the time in between.  I am fortunate to have friends who want to collectively donate to a cause and splurge only on the children.

I will spend time in the stores BUT it will be with my son picking out toys and food for children who may not have the same Christmas experience  we have always known.

Embrace this time and remember you can choose to be merry. It’s okay if you run into friends you haven’t seen for a while, instead of reprimanding yourself for not being in touch just enjoy the time you spend together now.  Life is busy make the time you can spend with your friends enjoyable.

Today is life – the only life you are sure of. Make the most of today. Dale Carnegie

What are you doing to make the most of this season?