the amazingness of an ordinary day!

a great day can’t be beat. close your eyes and remember it. i bet you are smiling.

i’ve had more than a few days that can’t be beat.  today transformed itself from 4 days before Christmas, with too long of a list of things to do, to an amazing day.  after my coffee things were humming along not terribly not terrifically.  the days plans were unfolding rather loosely until the sun shifted slightly and lit up my living room. the frost on the patio glistened, the sun shimmered, the tree twinkled it’s lights and winked at me.  if the walls could talk they would have been shouting “get outside.”

so, the practical to do list was tossed aside, the tentative ‘meet for coffee’ was cancelled, sandwiches and snacks were packed and with 25 minutes we were out the door heading up, up, up….the magical bean stock, to the eye in the sky, the north pole? perhaps.  we headed up to Mt. Seymour, our local mountain minutes away–the snow was white and sparkly and shiny, happy people were abound.

it was not perfect, but it was awesome. the parking lot was slippery, the first helmet was too small, there were a few undecided moments–a steep hill, sliding skis, the first fall but… we were skiing, nothing crazy,  just sheer fun ‘whoo-hooing’ our way down the mountain (or at least 200 meters down the bunny hill) to the magic carpet.

tally for the day:

  • icy trek on parking lot treachery
  • ski jacket bonanza of finds – 1 tube of chap-stick, $20 bucks, lost bankcard
  • amazing factor-  the magic carpet and the orange helmet
  • kindness- the staff and mom who let me skip in front of line with Jack so we avoided a little hill trek
  • coolness – the 20 year old kid parked beside us in the jacked up Toyota who walked over to give me a hand and randomly chatted to us
  • the singing of ‘whoo-hoo’ every time we went down the hill and the “i’m skiing”

i’m still smiling…

every day is a new one, i’m not pushing for perfect i just want to sprinkle some amazing in there.



About ithinkinwords

i love common sense and innovation. the trails, mountains and oceans are magic. i run a little, have recently taken up mountain biking and find bliss in yoga. getting outside everyday and moving is a must! sometimes when i am driving i look into the rearview and think how did i get here? -- last time i looked i was 17 and crossing my fingers my VW had enough gas. well it got me here.

2 responses to “the amazingness of an ordinary day!”

  1. Stacy says :

    awww! great post Michelle!
    I learned how to ski and snowboard at Mt. Seymour. Still haven’t conquered a tow rope or t-bar.

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