skinny legs and all

i need to give up my quest for ‘skinny jeans.’ wishing is about as close as i am going to get to the perfect jean. first there was denial, a little bit of anger and now pure acceptance.

today i revisited my need for the skinny. i do not have skinny legs thereby these jeans aren’t really my thing. so here’s why the skinny isn’t for me.  my legs are athletic.   these legs whip me down mountains, trek through the mud, triumph in the trails, criss-cross up mountains, power me up the hills on my bike and carry my son. they take me to the most amazing places!

so i am following my own advice, i’m accepting and embracing my ‘me.’  beyond the silliness of the fashion quest there’s a deeper truth.  i am really taking my own advice to heart to be kinder to myself in 2012. i am a little older and perhaps a little wiser and now find myself resculpting and reshaping not remaking.

i am accepting and acknowledging the athlete in me makes my legs stronger and maybe even a little sexier.  so here’s the skinny–be your best self.

is there anything you’re embracing a little more of today than yesterday? perhaps you are loving your curly hair,  your height, or your ability or inability to sing out loud?

skinny legs and all…well they are just not me.

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About ithinkinwords

i love common sense and innovation. the trails, mountains and oceans are magic. i run a little, have recently taken up mountain biking and find bliss in yoga. getting outside everyday and moving is a must! sometimes when i am driving i look into the rearview and think how did i get here? -- last time i looked i was 17 and crossing my fingers my VW had enough gas. well it got me here.

6 responses to “skinny legs and all”

  1. drowqueen says :

    I love it:) I am a petite person and this past weekend I went on a quest to find the perfect pair of skinny jeans for me. I am convinced they do not exist. I danced, played soccer, starting running, and do yoga on occasion as well. If you have any bit of fat that was once muscle in your thighs, the skinny becomes I wish I were skinny jeans. I decided on a lovely pair of flared jeans made for a mom with two kids.

  2. Lav Chintapalli says :

    hips and flares run in my family. i hear ya! 🙂

  3. littlebangtheory says :

    You Go, Grrrl! Capable legs are far hotter than a pair of tweezers. 🙂

    Plus, life is a lot more fun hiking with a kid than sitting home drinking Slim-Fast.

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