a 3 sentence moment…

it’s back to school time for me.

it’s the first day of class, somewhat the same but always a little different. we all enter class with a different energy and allure–whether shy, nonchalant, apprehensive or even indifferent, the  room fills with our bits of inertia. there is a quiet, a questioning of what will unfold.

the inevitable introductions loom. there are words floating through the air but attention is drawn to the markings on the whiteboard.  the icebreaker.

there are 3 sentences….

  1. i think ______is awesome
  2. my escape is ________
  3. i like________

those 3 sentences and how i fill in the blanks will define me.  the words will draw– the who, why, what and maybe the how of me will appear.  so i go where i should, to the simple truths.

  1. I think the smell of fresh rain is AWESOME
  2. My escape is running,  Yoga or a hot cup of mint tea…
  3. I like shoes.
the words tumble gracefully into the air and i pause, and just like that the room breathes a littler easier and the smiles appear. for in so much as we are different, we have bits of ourselves that are the same. we appreciate, we have an escape and we like.  yes, this is the icebreaker.  welcome to my class.
although it may be easier to speak of our jobs, degrees, importance, busyness, families or the cars we drive, are these really the shape of us?  maybe, maybe not…
these 3 sentences won’t make a canvas, but they make a good sketch. what 3 sentences, phrases or words are the make-up of you? think about it.

About ithinkinwords

i love common sense and innovation. the trails, mountains and oceans are magic. i run a little, have recently taken up mountain biking and find bliss in yoga. getting outside everyday and moving is a must! sometimes when i am driving i look into the rearview and think how did i get here? -- last time i looked i was 17 and crossing my fingers my VW had enough gas. well it got me here.

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