i had a 29 hour day and i ______!

unexpectedly i was gifted with 5 hours. 5 full hours on a beautiful sun shiny day. so warm and sunny it felt like the first day of spring. yes that was an omen of things to come.

as a Big White weekend widow, i had 4 days with my son. every moment from dawn (6am) until dusk….nope  8pm if i was lucky 7:45. great EXCEPT for the  30 day yoga challenge i’m doing…yes, yoga everyday for 30 days. so where do i stash my son when i am sweating it out in the yoga studio? at grandma’s of course…yep, grandmas would be handy but 2 are in mexico and one is in hawaii (those damn snowbirds!!!!)

plan B? uncle D. i pull together toys of interest, and steadily reaffirm to J that he is going to hang with cool Uncle D while mamma is at yoga. at 7am the idea is A-OK, by 8am he is wavering…crossing my fingers i hope for a seamless drop off. smooth? not so much, it kinda went down like this. out of the car YAY, small meltdown after being licked by a dog, tears, more tears… clinging. my heart rate is accelerated and i haven’t even made it to the studio. more clinging…a beeline to the toy cupboard and i am largely forgotten.

fortunately yoga requires minimal prep…this is the case where acceptable attire is yoga pants and a ponytail. so i hit the yoga studio. 75 mins of magic ensue and then i text uncle D to arrange pick up …and then i slow my roll……slow down so much i stop.

“hey, we are going to take him for lunch and then to the beach…ok”  YOU BET.

with zero hesitation i foisted off my son and then….and then… well i stood in the parking lot unsure of what to do next. don’t get me wrong i have things to do, lots of things to do, but gifted unexpectedly with a glorious afternoon i needed to take stock.

mani? pedi? run? snowshoe? lunch? a kayak? the possibilities stretched before me. what to do?

first, i indulged in a sit down coffee, i luxuriated over a ceramic mug and a comfy leather chair whilst chatting with a girlfriend (whose children are self-sufficient…i.e teens). 1 hr.

second, i got outside. i went for a run with Jasper and then meandered down to the beach where she went swimming. i sat. i soaked up the sun. 1 hr.

3 hrs to go? and what did i do? i cleaned my house of course… sad, pathetic, and silly. but i blame it on 2 things.

1> the sun is not your friend when you own a dog. i swear i saw 1001 dust bunnies swanning through my home. much like real bunnies they had struck out on their own, multiplied and left no corner or cubby alone!

2> my 100things100days girlfriend. she undertook and amazing project successfully and inspired me a long the way to keep it up. i heard a niggling in the back of my mind shouting. you have some time to restore…

order. i believe everything has a place and everything in its place.  i am still working on some of those places, and more importantly i remain steadfastly true to a handy junk drawer…(i am not a domestic i swear by this) but  i know for me life is just easier when things are in their place.

plus, i would way rather be present with my son or my husband than be distracted by mess. so i took in the best of both worlds as i see it. i opened my doors and windows. breathed in the fresh air, let the sun shine in and power cleaned. i stashed toys, hit my sons dresser (eliminating too small clothes), prepped dinner and banished the bunnies. 2.5 hours.

in my last 30 minutes i hung out in the shower, until i had old man hands. then i sat still and drank a cup of tea. my soul was happy, my home was happy.

Jasper barked, my reverie was over. J had arrived home. we played and i didn’t have to stop to prep dinner or unload the dryer and best of all i didn’t have to delint him after he rolled around on the floor.

that sun got to me! it dressed up as a sunny spring day, and caught me off guard. i admit it,  i had  5 extra hours and i cleaned.

can you relate? or am i my own crazy.


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About ithinkinwords

i love common sense and innovation. the trails, mountains and oceans are magic. i run a little, have recently taken up mountain biking and find bliss in yoga. getting outside everyday and moving is a must! sometimes when i am driving i look into the rearview and think how did i get here? -- last time i looked i was 17 and crossing my fingers my VW had enough gas. well it got me here.

5 responses to “i had a 29 hour day and i ______!”

  1. Stacy says :

    I had three free hours today and the sun hit the windows just right, reflecting the dust on the picture frames and the cat hair stuck to the glass. I cleaned and dehydrated apples.

  2. twocentsplus says :

    the sun is not our friend when there is animal hair around 🙂 dehydrated apples….yummy!!!

  3. Farhad says :

    sounds like bliss to me:) xx

  4. Christine@100things100days says :

    You are my kinda crazy! Thanks for the shout out, but, more importantly, thanks for being you. I love reading your blog! : )

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