may i have a word mr. weatherman?

June 6. westcoast weather. thurs  rain. fri rain. sat “isolated showers”.sunday rain.

i think the isolated showers was someones brilliant way of saying – of throwing us a carrot…i mean really….let’s face it the rain is coming.

it’s Vancouver, it rains here…a lot. i’ve grown up here so it’s no surprise.

my toes are painted emerald green and even they whimpered ever so slightly as they were shrouded in socks shoved into my Hunters. they have every right to be confused…it is not just my feet, my closet is feeling a little schizophrenic as well. aren’t we days away from summer, yet we are barely seeing the blush of sun.

last weekend the day couldn’t decided whether to shine or drizzle…i like many others went from tank top to hoodie all day long. sunglasses on…umbrella up. the bright point in everyone’s day—the rainbows.

there’s nothing like the weather to remind you–expect the unexpected. that is the beauty of living here, lately we don’t really know what to expect. i want to see the sun but i am pretty sure she is taking the day off today.

i’m not getting to stuck on my wants, i’ve gotta make the most of what has been dished out. i’m sticking my feet back in my wellies and heading out with my dog to jump in puddles. xox

UPDATE: so we went outside and played…i’m telling you, i think even Jasper is done with this weather!


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About ithinkinwords

i love common sense and innovation. the trails, mountains and oceans are magic. i run a little, have recently taken up mountain biking and find bliss in yoga. getting outside everyday and moving is a must! sometimes when i am driving i look into the rearview and think how did i get here? -- last time i looked i was 17 and crossing my fingers my VW had enough gas. well it got me here.

2 responses to “may i have a word mr. weatherman?”

  1. happykidshappymom says :

    Good for you for getting out in the rain! 🙂 I know the feeling — I spent about a decade living in the Seattle area. The cloud layer was so thick sometimes, from horizon to horizon, that my husband called it living in “The Dome.” Crazy!

    Here’s hoping some sunny days come your way soon!

    • twocentsplus says :

      yes seattle is the same!! it can be so crazy…today blistering hot (well blistering for here 18c) and then 3 more days of rain to come. 😦 i went for a run and almost suffered heat stroke (not really but it was hot)..gotta enjoy it while it is here

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