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waiting, the heaviest of all weights

how about that weather? it is a typical conversation starter, it’s safe and everyone has an opinion. usually after a few sentences the topic changes or peters outs…unless you live in vancouver.

if you’ve been kicking around the city the last 4 weeks and you ask someone about the weather you’ll probably get an earful. we are getting a bit passionate about the lack of summer here. although true vancouverites know the start to summer is a bit rusty, with a lot of falters by july it is usually upon us. it’s july 3rd and there isn’t a spot of sun on the horizon.

mother nature is channeling a serious case of split personality–vacillating from spring to winter, i’m not sure if summer is even on her radar. although i’ve been thinking a lot about the weather and lamenting it, i’ve realized what is really bothering me is my lack of  control.

my inability to change, influence or speed up the arrival of summer is troublesome. i want to wear shorts and sandals for more than 2 consecutive days, i want to sit outside a get uncomfortably warm. i want to go to the ice cream shop for dessert, i want to wade into the ocean for a cool down. more than anything i want to feel the heat of summer tickling the souls of my feet, as i stand barefoot on my street watching the kids play and chatting to my neighbours over a glass of wine. i want summer to hurry up and get here.

i feel like a kid waiting desperately for: christmas morning, to be bigger, to stay up later, for a birthday, or for friends to come over.

in the world where everything is known in an instant (thank you Google), so little of what occupies the day to day of truly requires waiting…but for those of you who are waiting for something, little or big….you know…it isn’t easy.

although it’s tension on hold, and the wait feels like the weight of the world, no matter how desperate my wishes or wants, i can’t conjure up summer. so  i must dig deep and uncover some fortitude, perseverance and patience.

what are you waiting for?

a body in motion

legs pumping, lungs burning, and a lot of heavy breathing pushes me up the hill. i’m not alone out here, i’m tailing my girlfriend who’s is training for a 122km ride…oh yeah, with 1700 metres of elevation, thus the hill.  as we climb and climb, and the sweat starts to trickle down my back, a few thoughts are flitting around.

1> why am i riding with a woman clearly in training….ok….that flitted in and out pretty quickly and kinda made me smile

2> does this hill ever get easier…will i ever really ride it without breaking a sweat…probably not

3> this is amazing….and that is the thought that i hung on to for the rest of the ride

what amazes me is the sheer power of our body. it can do brilliant things. we bend, scrape, push and pull it, and sometimes even warp and break it…but it is resilient, and time and time again bounces back.

my feet and legs are strong, they have carried me up and over mountain tops and down the other side. whether traversing trails in italy, trekking along the west coast, or portaging a canoe through the serenity of bowron lakes, i can count on them to take me where i want to go. sometimes it is a simple as putting one foot in front of the other.

holding my breath and diving down below the waters surface, has given me a chance to brush my fingertips over the oceans floor. kicking my feet and pushing water has allowed me to float and flounder like a fish. and even the steady beat of the ocean drum picking me up and dumping me off my board (over and over)  filling my mouth and stinging my eyes with the saltiest of waters has made me smile, laugh and hiccup at the same time.

pedalling through the mud and muck, and over the rocks and mini rivers has unveiled a forest so magical and magnificent it has silenced and humbled the chattiest of chatters. those trails hold the secrets, the dreams, plans, confessions and everyday stories and fables of those who traverse them. there is a reverence here, where the forest and the trees nourish us. they fill us with fresh air and a calm, that if bottled, could save the world.

today we climbed. then we hit the yellow brick road of riding–10k of paved and carless road through a towering forest.  whether in and out once, or lapping it, the scenery is decidedly delicious. at the end of our ride, after all of the effort, while our sweat cooled and we sipped our water i was struck once again by the power of motion.

our bodies are machines, as powerful and as herculean as those mighty steam engines, and more finely tuned, agile and able than any shiny automobile. no matter how we chose to propel ourselves forward, even if it is just putting one foot in front of the other and moving, it is ingenious.

suffused in this revelation, there are a few golden rules that go along with keeping a body in motion.

1> have fun…do more of what makes you happy!!
2> go as far as you can
3> treat you body right
4> your body can do anything
5> keep breathing

get moving!

ps.  always say ‘yes’ to that invitation from friend to get out there, you won’t regret it. thanks for the ride e!