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the mom foxhole of fashion

4 years ago i would have slapped myself silly if i wore pj’s out in public; but that was before i became a professional chid wrangler.

i’ve noted i am constantly running through puddles with a backpack and purse in hand either chasing my child or corralling him to school, the pool or some either time dependent activity that involves a state of dress or undress for him.

all of that effort has resulted in a little less time for me and for fashion–what i need is a little more function. as much as i love(d) my heels and pencil skirts i’m not mourning or missing the fashion pain points–skirts riding up, skinny jeans sliding down or sidewalk grates torturing your high heels and claiming them for their own.

my styleometer is waining and more often than not outfits revolve around jeans, scarves and boots but i still covet and court pretty things….but i can’t lie–i’ve got a steady stream of lululemonesque outfits that much to my chagrin are staples!

a few weeks back i found myself scrambling yet again trying to get out the door…fresh faced it was going to be. now let’s be honest, at 40, fresh faced is not my best look in the cool days of winter with my newly hued red hair. although i am a make-up minimalist–let me assure you it provides maximum effect.

so how does one right this wrong?  get up earlier, plan, prioritize and find efficiencies.

i pursued effortless efficiency and this is how i wound up in public wearing pjs. i ventured out with every hair in place, bright eyed and made-up donning ‘lounge wear’ to be exact. but let’s face it, lounging in it for  8 hours in bed makes it bonafide sleepwear.

so whether i dress them up or down, the simple truth remains, i’m wearing pjs out and about–in my mind i think i look a little like this…….

carefree and comfortable….not disheveled and worn…and perhaps i do perhaps i don’t, but what surprised me the most when pondering my predilection for pjs is is the proliferation of loungwear out there.  clearly i am no alone…when sourcing fashion forward pjs to dash off  to school in i  found these polarities.

i think i’ll skip the heels…but clearly this is not a silo’d phenom–it seems moms of the world are showing up in droves at drop off , in pjs. so much so that a British school issued a ban on bed wear for parents…

“We respectfully request that parents who drop off their children and pick them up from school follow all of the dress code expectations that students are expected to follow including the rule stating that pajamas are not to be worn.” – Babycentre.

as much as it makes me smile at the things i never thought would come to pass… i’ll be honest, i’m not as shamed as i thought i would be.  so never say never…oh no…

next  i’ll be driving a mini-van…