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would you take on a bus?

the car before me lurched…. literally lurched forward in a burst of speed and crossed before  a city bus. not the small community bus with 16 passengers but the full size two car length bus.

after his death-defying move, he got stuck in the parking lot waiting for a spot. i know this because about 35 seconds later my car was idling behind him (again). for a second time i saw his car burst forward like a rocket into the open spot.

i’m not sure what prompted him to take on the bus, or try 0-60km in less than 20 feet of space but i hope it was important….like life or death important because he was about 4 feet cashing it all in when he cut off the bus. as he got out of his car he looked a little rushed but pretty alive…and seemingly not phased by the honking and braking of the big ass bus…perhaps he was even oblivious to it.

i’m not an expert on too many things but i am pretty sure a 4 door sedan doesn’t stand much of a chance with a  12 ton, 20 foot bus.  just as a 150lb human wouldn’t hold up too well against a 1.5 ton car.

so why do we see stupid foolish acts so often. because we are in a hurry–we’ve gotten so busy taking on so many things we sometimes just need a minute to stop and slow down, and think.

generally we are rushing to answer an email, pick up the kids, get something at the store before we’ve got to be somewhere else, meet someone, squeeze something in now and not later …usually someone or something is waiting on us–NOW. those days of waiting for something in the mail, picking up your voice message when get home or watching and waiting for a fax (not it is not 1984). now everything is instant. in the palm of you hand you’ve got something that’s got you wired in–all the time …

i’m not super religious…but i think these guys have got something right.



that car bus scenario rattled me….clearly more than the driver… i’m pretty sure there is never a need to take on a bus.

it may be that technology and expectations have made us slaves to the notion of  multi-tasking or taking on more than the day..and clearly it is making some of us silly, sloppy and a bit dim-witted. i for one do not want to be in that camp.

i’d rather be two minutes late than dead.  how about you?

slow down

synchronicity and serendipity collide

serendipitywhen random moments collide it reminds me of the slow hush of a match, where air and space slide together, and then magically a flame comes alive. it’s invigorating and intoxicating.

when small moments weave themselves together amidst the day-to-day it makes it a good life.

a few weeks ago i was running against the wettest and coolest of rains, ducking into the coffee shop thrilled that i had enough time to  indulge in the darkest of dark java before i landed at my son’s school for 2  hours. as i silently patted myself on the back that i was able to get my coffee and still be early i reached into my purse to pay…. and of course i came up empty. oops… in a moment of sheer kindness and community a gentleman behind me paid for my coffee with only a whisper of a promise to pay it forward.

warmed by my coffee and a kind soul i assured him i would….days passed and then weeks. and then i had a text asking me about a dog crate i had posted on craigslist–and i had a chance to impart the kindness bestowed on me. it wasn’t forced or planned it just happened magically and organically–and that is why it happened. i wasn’t consciously seeking out a way to pay it forward but i had not forgotten.

leah was leaving for europe the next day to join her husband  with her best friend, sam (the 4 legged kind of best friend)and was frantic with papers not filled out properly by bureaucrats, a broken dog crate,  the whole hugeness of moving overseas solo and she was carless. she was on her way overseas and her life was winding down…all the normal parts of her support system were boxed up or given away.   i was out and about  and downtown was not on my way but not entirely out of my way. so i rejigged my plans and delivered the crate.

we met on a little side street across from her apartment and made the exchange. as she tried to pay me twice the asking price with an explanation that i must accept it for delivering i waived it aside and laughed at how silly that would be. as she teared up i reached out and hugged her–as a gesture of comfort, support, goodwill and human kindness. she hugged me back and tears that were brimming splashed down. she laughed and cried at the shock of it all.

sooner or later we all need a moment of support, whether from good friends or strangers. kindness that brings tears to our eyes might be my favourite kind.

it was so little to me, yet so much for leah.  my cup of coffee was heaven yet the simple passing of a twoonie by another. we all recognize kindness when it happens–and let me tell you a little love goes a long way.

i had a moment of serendipity and synchronicity which allowed me to pay it forward. not bad for an average rainy day.