Archive | June 2013

blue skies and purple rainbows

this morning my son drew me an amazing picture–it made him happy and it made me happy. it got me to thinking about creation and what i’ve been missing….what i’ve been missing is the hour a day i was taking to jot down my random thoughts and read others.

i recently skimmed my take on high heels and skinny legs and smiled. because i’m pretty goal oriented i was a bit surprised at my spiral off the map.  conversely i want to high five those who are  always on top of it (that vintagey girl i know keeps me smiling daily–yes daily i swear!).  i’ve got a mile of excuses as to why i haven’t been ‘creating’–but it’s too easy to stack those up so instead onwards and upwards.

i like the idea of observing ourselves observing as one fellow fantastic blogger likes to say–so i’m getting back in the saddle.