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a love letter of sorts

weddinghappy 10 years love.

more than anything i want to thank you for the ‘goodness’ and kindness of you. i love that you married me—someone who is stubborn, deplores cooking and drives you a little crazy.

oh and i know i drive you crazy,  it’s all part of my charm…i also know those little things that made me amazingly fierce way back then are not perhaps as alluring and endearing to you now…more often than not they make you want to strangle me. trust me i know because the things i love about you and respect you for sometimes exasperate me to no end.  but at least we come by it honesty for as much as we have changed, we are still the same.

if we string all of the moments leading up to today, you can see how the first years together, unbeknownst to either of us, set in motion the life we would make together. we rarely sat still beyond our work and school and when we could  we were outside doing stuff. i remember the early days of riding ‘mountain bikes’ without suspension or even shocks on groomed trails and the edges of the highway, rollerblading, hiking and skiing (way back then before you left me to  board). we would take ferries anywhere and everywhere, happy to camp outside under the stars even in crappy tents and in the rain. we had fun even when it wasn’t fun as long as we were together.  i’ve got that picture of us at the falls that captures it all–we are so young and the frame is so old but the sentiment strong, “remember this moment? the memory brings a smile to my face. smile when you recall this happy time; our proof we were there. suddenly it was magic and . always know as the years go by, this moment will last forever.”photo

fast forward to today and we are still doing the same stuff although perhaps a little tamer. we’ve got better bikes and the tents are improved but we travel hand in hand with that fused energy of ‘us;’ otherwise known as Jack. in my memories and in photos we are seldom pretty and pressed, more often than not we are a little sweaty and a lot happy…but for as long we can i want that to be what matters.  i love that when i’m meeting you somewhere i notice you from afar and think ‘wow’ that man is handsome, and then i see it’s you.  for some reason you may never be able to get your socks off the floor, nor will i be able to effortlessly prepare a week of dinners, but we will be us.

so when we remember our 10th, we’ll laugh because you were off somewhere else on the ‘actual day’ of but i won’t for a second forget our weekend away to celebrate. it was a weekend of adventure and goofing around; we got muddy, you took me out on the trails for far too long (typical), we drank, giggled and went for mexican…it was awesome.


we’ll laugh a lot, i’ll talk too much, and Jack and i will make you crazy being too loud but what i want to hang my hat on is the words we said ten years ago about our love.  yes,  that love, the one that “has grown roots so deep, strong and so entwined, that it is inconceivable that we could ever part.”

happy 10 year anniversary babe.